About the Games

To find a game you can use one of the following ways displayed
  1. Select the game platform (PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, XBOX, XBOX 360) and then look for the game you like .
  2. If you know the name of the game the search engine (located on the right corner of your display) is the fasted way to find the game.
  3. If you dont know the game, feel free to contact us to help you out.
No, unfortunately no reservations can be made. You can only add a game to your basket and when it is available you will be notified that the game has been send to you.
We always check the games before being send out. If there is a scratch on the game it will not be send out and a replacement will be brought. If you notice something please contact us immediately.
If the box is broken then we will be adding a note that the box is broken. If you receive a broken box and there is no mark that it was already broken then, take a picture of it and send it to us at contact@cygamerentals.com
If for some reason you have lost or destroyed the game that you are holding, then unfortunately you will be charged for the value of a replacement for that game.
You can hold the game for up to a month. After that we would like to have the game back. if you would want to keep the game extra, then let us know and we can arrange something.
You can send us a list of your games and we will arrange a meeting with you to bring us the games we are interested in, in-order to check the quality and agree for the total price.
If you reported a game lost and you paid the appropriate penalty for that game, then please contact us
Yes, we send the game in the original case with the original booklet. So if the instructions are available you will receive them with the game.

Delivery / Returns

It usually takes one to two working days after the day we ship it.
If the game is available it usually dispatched the next day. If it is a bank holiday or Saturday/Sundays, the game will be dispatched the next working day.
No, all the delivery and return fees are included.
Contact us if that happens, and we will issue an investigation with the post-office, and some details will be asked from you.


It usually takes one to two working days after the day we ship it.
Yes, we encrypt,hash and salt your password and we do not store any credit card information as we use 3rd party for payments.
Yes, we use third party card payments which have an extremely high security.

Credit Card / Payments

For the time being we prefer the use of Credit Card through Paymill as it offers high security for you and for us. If you cannot pay with Credit Card then you can contact us and we can arrange a different type of payment that is more suited for you.
A credit card is required to establish to make any payment. Please view the answers above.

Special Offers

Yes, we do have special offer from time to time.
Our special offers are always posted on our website or on facebook and will also be included in our monthly or weekly newsletter.


Select the register option on the top right corner of your screen and fill in the form with the required information.
Inside your Account their is one function called "Cancel Membership". When you press it the system will verify that you do not hold any game. Once the verification is complete our system will cancel your membership
At any time you can go to your Account settings and unsubscribe from the mailing list.
Maybe in the future we will be renting PC games, but for now our goal is to be able to rent all the major platform games for PS3, PS2, XBOX 360 and XBOX.
Just contact us using the Contact Us form about this. When we receive your game we will ship it back to you immediately. We have to state that we cannot be held liable for the condition of the game.
Please submit any suggestions, requests or other feedback to CyGameRentals via the Contact Us tab.
There are a few things you may want to check in the following order:
  • Confirm the web browser you are using. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox 3.6+ or Google Chrome.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer ... then good luck :D
  • Check if you have changed any of the security or privacy settings on your web browser. If you have, we recommend putting these settings back to their default levels. If you need assistance with this, consult your web browser's Help feature.
  • Delete your Temporary Internet Files and your cookies. Once that is done, close your browser, re-open it and try again.
If you continue to have problems after trying these solutions, let us know through the Contact Us tab. To help us diagnose the problem, please include the Operating System your computer is running, the web browser (including version number) you are using, and a detailed description of the problem. In addition, if you can recall, please outline the steps you took to get there, the URL of the page where you encountered the problem, and any error messages that you may have received.